Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Featured Content

Hello and welcome to my design portfolio. Please note that this portfolio covers my design projects and does not showcase my skills in other areas of my works such as programming, computer management skills, Technology know-how, mentoring experience, ect. I will try to showcase those skills but it is hard to work out a tangible way to show them.

Anyway enjoy looking through my design works here is a few of my featured projects.


This was my project that I created for my degree paper at the Wanganui school of design...

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My Design Manifesto 

This is my design manifesto video.
I created this over 5 weeks but I did not record the hours.

Inspired from many different places but the original idea was inspired by Minecraft but i had to biff it due to performance issues.

I wrote the manifesto in a more descriptive way. However I had to narrow it down to fit in the video.
The original manifesto that I wrote is this...
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 Restaurant Project 

Back in my second year of study (2011) our class was given an assignment to each design our own restaurant. I wanted to design something modern and technological as that is the kinds of things that I like. I came up with the idea of designing a restaurant that rather then using traditional ordering methods, used the advantage of current technological advancements...
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Kenworthy Dojo Logo Design  

Another logo  That I designed to replace a old one.
this one was for the Kenworthy dojo...
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Thursday, 16 April 2015

New Update

As much as I would love to upload all my projects there are just some that I cant.
I have a few projects from my workshops that are in formats that can not be previewed online.
I am working on a FPS multiplayer game in unity.

Workshop Posters

These are some of the posters I created for the workshops that I have run at the Awa City Intel Computer Clubhouse

Minecraft Mouse Pad

Just A mouse pad design I made for myself.
And was put together with help from a friend.

Kenworthey Dojo Logo

Another logo that I renewed this one was for the Kenworthy dojo.
Using several elements from the dojo these designs are what the clients liked the most.

and they also wanted to print there logo on some of there cloths so I also created for them one that would be safe to print on cloths

Yoga with Penina logo

A logo that I redesigned for a client. They liked several of the developments and wanted me to create a few different versions of it to use.

Kenworthy Dojo National Full Contact Open Karate Championships Promotional Poster

This is a promotional poster I created for the 2013 National Full Contact Open Karate Championships. That were hosted by the Kenworthey Dojo down in Wellington.