Thursday, 29 November 2012

Patty - Degree Project

This was my project that I created for my degree paper at the wanganui school of design.

I created this piece of 3D animated work because I wanted to create something that would give me a better understanding of the over all process of the 3D industry. Further more I wanted to create a piece that would stand out and be unique in, a way that it becomes memorable. Something‚ a bit daring, thats crazy and bizarre, yet not so far that people become offended or off put by it. Content with that kind of vernacular more often get noticed on the internet and becomes a powerful tool for self promotion. The idea that I am trying to convey through this work is the message that, designers should take risks and try to break the norm in their designs.

If people design following the rules and examples before them and playing it safe then nothing really new or interesting comes out of it. If one breaks these rules, then they may get rewarded for taking the chance. This message is not limited to just graphic designers either. Its for artists, musicians, chefs and any other creative field as well.
I wanted to learn more about the pipeline of the 3D industry and went through all of the stages from concept, story, design, modelling, rigging, animating and post production.

The idea of creating the burger monster, came about after my research paper on internet culture made me decide to create something for self promotion on the internet. I knew I had to make something that was weird to get noticed. As I was trying to come up with what to make, I noticed a drawing that another classmate made of a burger and that is when I realised, I should make a burger monster.