Sunday, 8 July 2012

Restaurant Project

Back in my second year of study (2011) our class was given an assignment to each design our own restaurant. I wanted to design something modern and technological as that is the kinds of things that I like. I came up with the idea of designing a restaurant that rather then using traditional ordering methods, used the advantage of current technological advancements. I designed a menu that you could view on any tablet device (eg: iPad) that not only allows the user to order there meal whenever they want but also allows them to:
  • See additional information about the dish that would not fit onto a paper menu.
  • Keeps a running total of the bill so the user dose not need to calculate how much the food costs.
  • Convenience
  • Don't need a waiter/waitress.
  • Saves time.

In the end I still had to create a paper menu as it was one of the objects pointed out in the brief.
Here are some photos of my project.

Menu Interface  

This is how the menu looked like on an iPad.
I demonstrated its interactivity during my presentation.

3D Model

I wanted to create the project in 3D as I had just recently started to learn how to model at that time and I wanted something for my portfolio.


Here are some of the renders of the objects.


After making  the models I put them together to look like a photo.  This is the end result.

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