Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My Manifesto

This is my design manifesto
I created this over 5 weeks but I did not record the hours.

Inspired from many different places but the original idea was inspired by Minecraft but i had to biff it due to performance issues.

I wrote the manifesto in a more descriptive way. However I had to narrow it down to fit in the video.
The original manifesto that I wrote is this:
1) Design is about making something work:
Design is not about making something look “pretty” or “cool”. When a designer is coming up with there concepts what they are really doing is working out how to get the best result  for what it is that they are designing. If they were designing a website they are trying to make it user friendly. If they were animating they would be designing how the character’s moves to tell the audience, the character’s personality. There job is to make something work and make it work efficiently.

2) Design creatively:
No one notices the unoriginal boring designs. They might work but they are everywhere, A copy of a copy of a copy of what was once a designers design. A real designer can see out side the box, they take chances and come up with amazing things.

3) A good designer needs to know the skills and techniques of their medium:
Equipment and software constantly change but the skills and techniques remain the same. An experience designer builds and relies on these. Not on the tools.

4) Good only holds back the great:
Good design is only what we know now. But every one tries to make good design and it becomes mainstream. Mainstream becomes cliché and cliché becomes unoriginal. Being great is being the first to make the next good design.

5) Time well wasted is not wasted time:
Procrastination can lead to coming up with good ideas.

6) Have a life:
Get out side, socialise, travel and just get away from your work. You can get a better perception and fresh ideas when you let your mind take a break. If you spend too much time working your mind gets blocks, you start becoming more concrete with your thoughts and work becomes  stressful.

7) Forget money and fame:
Your work reflects who you are and what you enjoy. If you are just in it for the money or the fame then you are not going to enjoy your  work.

8) Keep moving foreword don’t look back:
If you keep looking back and worry you will never reach your intended goal.

9) Set goals:
You need a target to reach. Fail to plan is a plan to fail, so set goals.

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